Grid connected Power Plant (On Grid)

  • Also Known Grid tied system grid-tied systems are inter connected with eectric utiity grid. an inverter Converts generated DC to AC Power and it is directed onto the main power grid for a credit towards monthly electric utility usage. On grid system works with synchronisation to grid, so voltage and frequency of generated power shouldmatch

Grid Power


  • PV Modules
  • Module Mounting System
  • Junction Box
  • Solar Inverter
  • ACDB and DC DB
  • Net Mattering
  • Stand Alone Power Plant (off - Grid)

    • An off grid system does not need a connecting to grid or additional features to connect the grid a loads is to be supple\ied independency of solar isolation and the generated power is stored and buffered with a battery. A Charge Controer is incorporated in system in order to avoid battery damage. The combined unit of charge Controller and inverter is called power conditioning Unit (PCU).

    Grid Power


  • PV Modules
  • Module Mounting System
  • Junction Box
  • Power conditioning Unit
  • Battery Box
  • ACDB and DC DB
  • Feature:-

    • >> BNB Solar Power System Which Saves your Bill and Many
      >> Smart Technoogy Inverter for Electrical Power imprt, Export and Controls
      >> BNB Solar brought the zoro export technology inverter which imports necessary quantum Power from grid but does not export to the grid so not required battery backup.


    • >> Running cost and maintenance very negligible and easy to install
      >> Smart inverter of german Technology
      >> High efficiency of solar panel
      >> Pay back time 3 to 5 years
      >> Save income Tax
      >> Get additional depreciation benefit 1st year 80% and 2nd year 20%.
      >> It is indeed here the electricity bills are high value due to high consumption.
      >> adjustable in any kind of load without any changing in airing


    • >> School
      >> College
      >> Hotels
      >> Hospital
      >> Farm House
      >> Industries
      >> Complexes
      >> Resident
      >> Hostel
      >> Garden