Product Details:

  • Solar water Pumping System is a stand-Alone System Operating on Power generated by Solar PV Panels, Solar Water Pumps are Specialy designed to lift water for irrigation, farms, garden and much other Similar application. The system is easy to install and helps a lot irrigation process due to its functionally, Cost effectiveness and eco friendly ness also it is easy to maintain. The economy and reliability makes it an excellent choice for the main water pumping system and it also minimise the future cast and uncertainties. the whole of the system is easily maintainable or one can say completely maintainable free.

Maintenance Free Operation

  • High Reliability and life Expectancy
  • Protected against reverse Polarity overload and high temperature.
  • Solar Operation integrated MPPT.
  • Max. Efficiency 92% (Motor + Controller)
  • System Component

  • Solar Photovoltaic
  • Surface or Submersible Solar Pump, Ac or DC Version Controller.
  • Mounting Structure and Accessories.
  • Feature:-

    • >> Durable and rugged constuction
      >> Simple installation and low maintenance
      >> Highly Reliable
      >> Special Residential water pumping In Residential Area, the solar water pumping system operating on power generated by solar PV.


    • >> Micro irrigation
      >> Residential Water Pump
      >> Village Water Supply
      >> Livestock Watering
      >> Industrial well Pumping